Have you failed to settle your credit card payment or your phone bill for at least 3 months or so? Then most likely, your account will be forwarded to collections agency or better yet the debt collection law firm. If you begin to receive phone calls or letters from them, do not be alarmed. I know how stressful bills can be let alone dealing with collection agency. At some point, you’ll think of some ways on how you can avoid them, changing your address let alone changing address won’t make them leave you alone. A debt collection law firm has their own resources as to how they can find you. As what one of the song goes, “You can run but you can’t hide” and it’s definitely true!

Debt collectors are the hardest kind of people that you could hide from because they have all the possible tools that you could think of just to find your information. Not to mention that we are already living in the world of technology where everything is just one click away.

It’s true that they could not discuss about your debt to third parties for example your families or friend since according to the law, the debt should remain private between you and the collection agency. But, they always have the choice to call the said people but only limited to knowing your new phone number, your new address or as to how they could reach you.

Another source of information is your bank account. They could provide the creditors your new address if your bank account is left active or open. Debt Recovery Law Firms such as CTL LAW also have their own data base to track if you have any recent transaction, especially if you provided your new address or any other information on the said transaction.

Basically, if you are going to change address, there’s a need for you to change the information on your Voters Registration as well. Collection agents could check the information at the registrar if you are still registered in the same country or if they’ve already received a cancellation of information once you are already registered to some other country. That information will be made available to them.

Your credit card information could also be another possible source of information. Remember that your old creditor will provide every piece of information that the collection agency needs to trace your address once your account was already forwarded to them. Good collection law firms like Sauvageau & Associates may be a great help in terms of getting advice. 

Wherever you go, you’re going to pay utility bills. Collectors could also contact them for possible information because there’s a possibility that the company will be having your new address for final bill purposes.

There are many more ways as to how they could find you. A good idea would be consulting with an expert in debt litigation like Francois Sauvageau. You could ignore them by running away but that doesn’t mean that the debt will be taken out from your name. Bear in mind that running away from stress won’t make you stress free. Rather, the stress will increase. Best thing is to learn how to deal with collection agency because eventually, you don’t want that to stay on your Credit Score forever.



With the kind of economy today, every dollar counts. And with the economic standing that we currently have, increase at the current list of accounts that are being forwarded to collection agency Is expected. We often hear about this kind of agency and the first thing that comes in to our mind when we hear about them is “a representative that collects debt”.

Collection agency is basically a Business that collect s unpaid debt for Business or creditors. Contrary to what other thinks, not all collectors are trained to make harassing phone calls just to collect the sum of money that you owe. They are also trained to work professionally and are following guidelines that make sure that they are not breaking your right as a customer as well.

Many of us may experience being called several times by collectors and have been threatened to sue you once you fail to settle the said debt from them. Sure you owe them and you might think that it works that way, but it is time for you to know when a certain collector is already crossing the line, or when an agent begin to sound and act abusive. Here are your rights that you need to be familiar with.

Sure they can call you to collect the said amount, but collection agency is only allowed to call you at around 8:00 am-9:00 pm. Calling you beyond that is already considered as illegal.  They’re not as well allowed to call you multiple times after providing them the fact that your employer doesn’t allow those kinds of call during office hours which might also cause you your job.

Collections agency is not also allowed to contact third-parties for example your neighbors, relatives or officemates discussing or revealing your debt with them. They are only allowed to

 They may send letter as a notice containing the debt information together with the creditor’s name. But, envelopes should not appear as though they are from a collection agency. The logo of the said agency should not also be visible outside the envelope. It should remain confidential between you and the agency. Should you want to dispute and if you think that they are collecting an amount larger that you owe, actions that you should take is also provided in the letter.

As a sign of respect, representative from collection agency should not profanity or abusive language all throughout the call.  Abusing you or intimidating you in any form is strictly prohibited. Collection agency representative is not also allowed to show up and falsely threaten to arrest you or to seize your property once you do not pay your debt. Under the law, they should not threaten that you will be sued unless they really intend to so.

Those are just the basics that you should know when it comes to your right as a customer. Do not be afraid. Though not all collection agency are known to be abusive because I am pretty sure that most of their agents are well trained, but if you happen to encounter an abusive one, then you already know what to do.