When it comes to settling matters with finances especially when they’ve been forwarded to debt recovery law firms, it’s difficult to say it has come easy or easier than how we spent the money. Or perhaps, a lot more lose than how the company we owe handled the negotiation process. The question would usually be, when is it fair for firms to handle debtors fairly? We have to admit it, it isn’t only the debt recovery law firm like CTL Law that becomes hard to handle once that phone rings and they talk to us about matters but even us. There would be times we wouldn’t want to pick up that phone because we’re not sure what awaits us. Factors – there’s still not enough money to settle the debt or none at all or we’re not ready to talk to people or perhaps we just aren’t sure how will these collectors treat us. It’s all over the news about mistreats from collectors – them harassing people just to get that money collected. Eventually, this isn’t fair that is why some of them are already in jail after having an estimate of 5000 complaints against just one person. This can’t happen to only a few but to many others but the abusive ways of how this is done should just stop. We may be in authority – the people representing collections but this doesn’t give anyone the right to be offensive. This is not being fair at all. People at a debt recovery law firm won’t certainly like the thought of this the other way around. It’s more like the old adage that says “Don’t do unto others what you don’t others want to do unto you…” This sounds really fair, doesn’t it? If we want to be treated fairly wherever we go, it’s just right to treat others fair too. The world is round. The person we’re talking to won’t be buried into debts all the time. We might at some point. Or perhaps the people from collections that we are avoiding today might be the people that we badly need to talk to tomorrow. It’s really hard to say when does one have to be fair because it’s easier to just be the rightful person every single day. Debt recovery law firms don’t have to be the sweetest people in the world. And so should we. We just have to be human enough to understand what the role of each one is. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. It can’t be to lose as one or the other might abuse the little convenience yet it can’t be too tight so no law nor etiquette is violated.  Credits? That’s what makes us human in this demanding world. We can’t help but owe something from someone. Our attitude towards the debt is what makes it a little bit complicated depending on the factors that surround us and every situation. If guided according by the law, to many it will definitely sound a lot more secure.